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External Links WordPress Plugin

December 13th, 2007 · No Comments · Printer Friendly Version


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It seems that opening links in new windows has become a frowned upon action in the web design community. Using target=”_blank” is going the way of poorly animated GIFs and polyphonic background music. It’s understandable, as forcing yet another browser window on a user can be almost as annoying as the latter two. However, there are stillĀ situations that merit the use of the target=”_blank” tag, and external links on a blog seem like a pretty good candidate.

This plugin automatically adds a target=”_blank” to any link in your posts or comments that points to somewhere outside of your domain. For example, you’ll notice on this site, any link that doesn’t point to //ryantadams.com opens in a new window.

The plugin ignores sub domains and the inclusion/lack of a “www”, so links to anything.yourdomain.com will open in the same window.

You can download the plugin here: external-links.zip