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Why Can’t I Get FairUse4WM Or Mirakagi to Work?

If you are having trouble with the FairUse4WM/mirakagi programs read on.

Mirakagi.exe is used to recover the encryption keys used for digitally protected music on your computer (see more details here [1]). Unfortunately, mirakagi is currently one step behind content publishers. The DRM encryption used on your computer has a version number associated with it (referred to as its “IBX Version #”). Currently, mirakagi only works with IBX version numbers up to 11.0.6000.6324. If the version on your computer is greater than this, mirakagi will fail.

To find out the IBX version on your computer:

  1. Run mirakagi.exe
  2. Press “START!”
  3. Look in the text box in the middle of the program window for “Version:” The number following this is the current IBX version installed on your computer.

Again, if the version you found through the steps above is greater than 11.0.6000.6324, mirakagi and FairUse4WM will NOT work.

This problem does not seem to be specific to any one operating system or Windows Media Player version. Sometime a third party music player (MusicMatch, RealPlayer, etc.) will update the IBX version. One possible solution is to “roll back” your computer to WMP 10, but the steps to do this are beyond the scope of this post.

There are other tools available that do work with IBX versions above 11.0.6000.6324. See this post for details.