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NVBackup: Freeware Palm Backup

NVBackup is a backup utility for NVFS-based PDAs: Palm T5, LifeDrive, TX, TE2, Treo 650, Treo 700P. Unlike commercial backup utilities that access data via the database cache, this reads data direct out of the flash disk where it is store. This seems to be the best backup utility in terms of restoring the exact state of the system before the backup.

 Features include:



NVbackup is by far the best Palm backup software I have tried. It’s fast, accurate, and FREE. I suggest you download NVBackup  [1]and try it for yourself, and if you are unhappy with it you can simply remove it.

 *For clarification, you will need a SecureDigital card in your device as this is where the backup set will be saved.