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I’m Having Trouble Adding Images/media to My Posts in WordPress 2.5

  1. It seems that there are some issues with the new image/media uploader in WordPress 2.5. The following are some of the issues users have experienced:

I personally was getting unable to add new images due to an “HTTP error” and was unable to add existing images from the “Media Library.” Here is the temporary fix that worked for me:

Update: It seems my problem was fixed by deactivating the “Bad Behavior” plugin I had installed.

  1. Disable the flash uploader with this plug in [1]. Be sure to activate it after you upload it to your WordPress install.
  2. Download this zip file [2], and place the two files inside of it in the respective directories.
  3. Log-out of WordPress.
  4. Clear your browsers cache.
  5. Log in to WordPress and confirm you can upload/manage media.