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Option to Install Windows is Grayed Out (when Running Network Install)

This is not a guide to installing Vista on your m200. This is a follow-up to the original post here [1]. This post is only for those that have tried installing Vista or XP on a laptop using TFTP32 and have experienced a grayed out “Install Windows” button.

  1. Boot into Windows PE 2.0 over the network as detailed here [1].
  2. Once you get to the Windows PE prompt, type: “FORMAT c: /fs:ntfs /q” without quotes. This will remove everything on your C: drive.
  3. If installing Windows XP Tablet edition, insert the second install CD. Connect to the shared CD drive on the same computer as TFTP32.┬áType “xcopy CMPNENTS\*.* c:\CMPNENTS /E”. If prompted, go ahead and create the directory.
  4. Insert the first Windows XP Tablet edition CD, or the only Windows Vista DVD into the shared drive. Make sure the Windows PE command prompt is still in the shared CD drive and┬átype “\i386\winnt32.exe /syspart:c:”.
  5. After the install starts, it will at some point return you to the Windows PE environment. At that time, manually restart the computer by typing “wpeutil reboot” and pressing enter. When your computer restarts, allow it boot from the hard drive (do not boot from the network).
  6. If installing Windows XP Tablet edition, setup will prompt for “Disk 2.” Browse to the folder c:\CMPNENTS, which you created in step 3, until you find the folder/file that setup is looking for.

Thanks to Wayne Taylor for his help with these steps.