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How to Backup Your Windows XP Activation Status

If you have ever installed Windows XP, you know that Microsoft requires you to “activate” Windows. This is usually done with the help of a guided program that runs automatically after Windows starts for the first time. If you are reinstall windows on the same computer, you may have to complete the wizard again. If you re-install Windows multiple times, you may ultimately be prompted to call Microsoft to active your Windows installation.

To avoid re-activating Windows, you can backup your current Windows activation before reinstalling with the following steps. This will only work if you are reinstalling Windows on the same computer.

  1. Download this file [1] to your desktop.
  2. Double-click on the “WPABackup.cmd” file to run it.
  3. If prompted, select “Run” in the dialog box.
  4. Type “1” and press enter. This will copy the activation files to your desktop.
  5. Copy the “WPABackup.cmd”, “WPA.dbl”, and “WPA.bak” (if it exists) files to another hard drive, floppy disk, or CD.

After you have reinstalled Windows, you can restore the activation status by:

  1. Boot into safe mode.
  2. Open the location you copied “WPABackup.cmd” to in step 5 above.
  3. Double-click on “WPABackup.cmd” to run it.
  4. If prompted, select “Run” in the dialog box.
  5. Type “2” and press enter. This will restore the Windows activation files.
  6. Your computer should restart automatically; if not, restart your computer.

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