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Microsoft SyncToy Leaves .tmp (Temp) Files Behind

December 7th, 2008 · No Comments · Printer Friendly Version


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I’ve been using Microsoft’s free “SyncToy” program to keep the content on my main computer and my tablet PC synchronized. It works well, and can even be run automatically from the command-line, which opens up all sorts of scheduling possibilities. However, it periodically leaves behind cryptically named temporary files.

For example, after synchronizing my music folder, I found a file named “FSP-{1CE72381-291F-42C4-92B7-46862E0D7FC2}.tmp”. Currently, my computer has 4 similarly named files dispersed throughout its hard drive. The sizes of these files range from 0 bytes all the way up to 80 megabytes. Clearly, this is a bug in the SyncToy program, which results in these temporary files being left behind. The only other info I have found on the problem is in this Microsoft Communities post, which lacks any real substance. While there is no fix that I am aware of, I have been able to clean up my computer by periodically searching my computer for files named “FSP*.tmp”, and deleting all the returned files.

I imagine this problem will be fixed in the final release version of SyncToy, if that ever comes.