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Solution to “Cannot Find Proofing.en-us” Error When Installing Office 2007

I opted for a download only version of Microsoft Office 2007 for a discounted rate. Ever since I first tried installing Office 2007, the installer gives me error messages about not being able to find files. At first I wrote these off to a poorly designed conversion from the CD media Office normally comes on to the single files installer available for download. Unfourtunatly, a Google search revealed many people, using many different install sources, experienced the same problem. During the initial installation, or when doing a repair install, the Office installer will complain that it “cannot find proofing.en-us\proof.en\proof.cab”. It may also have problems finding “proof.es” or “proof.fr”. Anything you do results in either another error message or the install being cancelled.

The good news is: I’ve found a solution.

It’s actually rather simple. Here is what you do:

  1. When the installer pops up the error, ignore it. Don’t close or cancel the install, just let it sit.
  2. Perform a Windows search for “proof.msi”. You may need to select the “Search system folders” option.
  3. In the results, you will see “proof.msi” located somewhere in the Windows temporary directory.
  4. Copy, or write down, the path that is found.
  5. Return to the installer. You should still have the error message present asking you to enter a location. In the box at the bottom of the error message, type or paste the path from step 4.
  6. Now that you have the path typed/pasted, delete the “proofing.en-us\proof.en\proof.msi” part from it.
  7. Press enter.

The installation should now continue flawlessly.

I’ve only tested this method with the downloadable Office 2007 installer. If you have a CD/DVD installation media and encounter the error messages, please try these steps and post a comment explaining the outcome.

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