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Sebring Non-Functioning Door Lock Repair

November 28th, 2007 · No Comments · Printer Friendly Version


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Some time ago, the door latch on my Sebring convertible stopped working. The door could not be shut. The pictures show how I went about fixing it. The pictures should be enough for you to easily do it yourself, but here are a few tips:

Make sure the window is all the way up before you start.

When removing the door try to pull as strait out as possible so as not to break the clips.

Once the door is loose, you can reach around back and unhook the rod that goes to the door Handel. You will also have to disconnect the wire going to the door light.

It is much easier to remove the power mirror switch, and door/window switches before removing the door panel.

I recommend disconnecting all the rods before taking out the bolts that hold the lock in.

Even though the pictures are specific to a generation 1 Sebring convertible, the idea should be the same for all cars.